About Us!

Dog Studio Pet Spa began due to the need for more compassionate, experienced dog and cat groomers who value high-class quality over quantity, and to provide the ultimate grooming experience that all pets deserve. We cater to pet owners who genuinely treat their furry companions as part of the family and will do anything to offer the best care and safety for their loved ones!

We reassure you that every aspect of your pet's grooming session will be uninterrupted and completely hands-on. We will work with you on customizing your dog or cat's hairstyle to suit individual preferences and lifestyles, and make sure your pet leaves looking cute, trendy, feeling fresh, clean and stress-free!

Grooming your canine or feline is often time consuming and can be stressful for both the owner and the pet. Animals hate being held in place or having their movements restricted. Hire a professional service to handle the difficult task.
Our experts brush out tangled fur, trim hair and bathe your pet using environmentally-friendly shampoos. This helps reduce the amount of shedding and leaves your dog or cat smelling and looking great. Learn the terminology used in this field so that you know exactly what to ask when you arrive at the salon.

Our urban style facility provides a clean, comfortable and relaxed place for your pets to enjoy while they stay with us!
We enjoy the sweet happy faces; of the dogs and cats we groom with so much love and devotion.

We love grooming to breed standard, and smaller dogs are my specialty. Some of my favorite breeds to groom are Shihtzu's, Maltese, Chow Chow’s Poodles, Terriers, Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, or creative or personality trims on mixed-breed dogs.

A good groomer never stops learning the tricks.
It’s worth noting, though, that the majority of grooming jobs aren’t glamorous fashion cuts. Much like a human hairstylist, being a dog groomer is a lot of bang trims and regular maintenance cuts.

Becoming a groomer requires a lot of hands-on-training, beginning with taking a grooming course to learn the basics: how to use the tools and the different cuts for the hundreds of dogs breeds you'll be working with.

Grooming should not be stressful for your pet; our goal is to make it as relaxing as possible. Grooming is something your dog will need their whole life.
A dog is not a stuffed toy, but a child who never ever grows up. He needs to be looked after for his entire life and that’s the part you play. Dogs cannot speak and tell you what they need. Always keep your dog well. Bathe him regularly and check him every couple of days. Because remember a well-groomed dog is a happy dog!” And we all definitely agree!

Pet hygiene is the most essential part of grooming, which includes much more than just a normal bath, ear cleaning and nail clipping.”
It's a great feeling to know that so many people actually want to learn and are willing to spend money on their pets to keep them clean and well kept. And what makes me happy is that I can help them in this entire process

As for what makes a great groomer, it comes down to the two C's: creativity and caring.
“This job is not only about that you love dogs but you must be patient and caring since you'll be working on live animals. 

“The expression on the face of our customers when they come to pick up their pets after our grooming is an extremely satisfying and wonderful experience in itself, every time around.
The dog studio pet spa is well equipped with all the necessary gadgets and equipment’s, including bath tubs for small and large dogs, with hot and cold water shower sprays, professional grooming tables, blowers, table top as well as hand dryers, clippers, shears, shampoos, aroma massage oils, toothpastes, brushes, combs, perfumes, ornaments, bows, clips, and accessories.

“We need probably 1 – 1 1/2 hours and sometimes even 3 hours on a single pet. Hence, we do not accept more than 1 pet at a time, depending on the breed and the condition of the pet,

Our combs, brushes, Blades and clippers are cleaned and sanitized in UV sterilizing machine after every groom. 

I am grateful that my early mentor who took the time to teach me the importance of keeping my facility clean and free of biological s, not to groom sick pets, proper storage of supplies and equipment, and cleaning and disinfecting routines.


Yeffna Poonacha

Certified Professional Canine Stylist and Groomer and owner of The Dog Studio Pet Spa

I always felt an affinity for animals and grew up with many cats and dogs.... After working in corporate sector for few years i then decided to work for myself.... I suspended my career to become a proud mom, After a period of time,
I realized it was time to pursue my passion for animals. A career in dog grooming was a perfect way for me to combine my love for dogs and my artistic side, and it has proven to be a dream come true....

After researching the grooming field, I decided to do a certified course in dog grooming and that’s how "The Dog Studio Pet Spa" is born

Feeling that special passion for animals, turned into a professional groomer & stylist by taking up a professional Pet Styling & Grooming course.

The Dog studio Pet spa opened up its doors to public in September 2017. This was a special and big accomplishment!

Kiran Raveendra

Groomer Trained & Certified @ The Dog Studio Pet Spa

Kiran, he's a great groomer & bather who makes each bath very comfortable and stress-free for any puppy, dog or cat! He handles several jobs at The Dog Studio Pet Spa including bathing dogs and cats, and basic grooming.

Kiran loves big dogs! He was the proud owner of St Bernard! We have noticed that he was very skilled with animals! Today he's a wonderful bather and takes care of basic grooming.
He takes care of costumers, taking their phone calls, scheduling appointments and keeping the spa well-organized and clean.