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Trimming fur on the belly, under pad anal area and around the eyes


Cleaning up the ears, eyes and teeth + Nail Clipping


Nail clipping and underpad fur trim + A paw dip and paw balm application


Medicated Anti Tick and Anti fungal treatment on every bath!



Clean up ears, eyes & teeth, De-shed coat and clip nails, Anal gland expression, Bath, Conditioning and Blow-dry Includes FURminator loose undercoat removall, shed-reducing shampoo & treatment, followed by another thorough FURminator brush-out.


Includes nail trim, teeth brushing or breath refresh, ear cleaning & 15 minute brush-out


Clean up ears, eyes & teeth, De-shed coat and clip nails, Sanitary trim and underpad fur trim, Anal gland expression,Bath Conditioning and Blow-dry PLUS cut & style, including to breed-specific standard.


Clean up ears, eyes & teeth, De-shed coat and clip nails, Sanitary trim and underpad fur trim, Anal gland expression,Bath Conditioning and Blow-dry PLUS cut & style, including to breed-specific standard.


Clean up ears, eyes & teeth, De-shed coat and clip nails, Sanitary trim and underpad fur trim, Anal gland expression, Bath Conditioning and Blow-dry


Includes medicated tick& flea Treatment & Anti fungal Treatment ( This Service is available with any full-service bath or groom)

We use a unique One-on-One grooming technique which has been proven to reduce a pet's stress when being groomed and cuts the amount of time spent in the salon. Our aim is to keep our pet clients for no more than 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours. Anything longer than that, we believe, starts to raise anxiety levels in some dogs.

For those double-coated breeds that do not require a clip, coat style or shave down, we offer our Ultimate De-Shed service that dramatically reduces or eliminates shedding between grooms

Custom Coat and Skin Analysis to determine the best shampoo & conditioner, Not one but two shampoo baths to really get a deep down clean.

UV sterilizing scissors, blades, brushes and combs between appointments, threat of bacterial cross-contamination is eliminated.

Unique blended combinations of ultra premium shampoos, deep penetrating conditioners, nourishing grooming sprays, and soothing balms, these Signature Spa Treatments are designed to combat common coat problems and are refreshingly fabulous!

Choice of a full, breed-specific clip and style or kennel, puppy or personality clip and style or full body shave down


Coconut oil naturally nourishes and protects. Its inherent anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties are highly beneficial to your dog’s skin. This is why we include it in our massages


The ultimate way to unwind, calming lavender oil soothes the nerves and its anti inflammatory properties relive itchy skin. Cold pressed coconut oil nourishes the coat and skin.


A combination of marjoram oil and coconut oil infused with ginger is per feet for stiff joints and to loosen tense muscles


Neem oil banishes bug while coconut oil infused with cedar pacifies irritated and itchy skin


Soothe and protect both, the skin and the coat, with the natural antiseptic properties of turmeric. Coconut oil’s inherent strengthening properties encourage a lustrous coat 

Grooming Policies and Procedures

we strive to have the highest standards for safety, comfort, and cleanliness. To ensure that all pets are our number one priority we have policies and procedures in place to help us achieve them together. We respectfully ask all of our clients and prospective clients to read through these to keep our facility running smoothly. As with anything else you see and read on our site, we appreciate questions, suggestions and concerns. Thank you in advance - we couldn't do this without your support.


Expectations for duration of service

We strive to get pets in and out as quickly as possible, but that all depends on what they allow us to do. Some dogs are sensitive to the dryers, brushing, clipping of the nails - just to name a few - in that case we go at the rate the dog is comfortable with. A good estimation of how long they will be here depends on what service you are getting and their personality. Expect them to be here between 3-4 hours. Things to keep in mind, if your pet comes in matted then taking those mats out will take longer because we have to go slow and not irritate the pet. If the mats are too close to the skin, shaving is best but we will always try to save the hair when possible. Sever cases are best shaved down to start over on a clean slate, give the pet release from the tight matting and give the skin the much needed air flow; after that we would discuss a good maintenance program so this will not happen again. Another thing to keep in mind is styling. Not all dogs can have that cute picture you found on the internet. Depending on coat type, condition, pet willingness for grooming are all factors when figuring out what style will work. Speaking with your groomer will help you achieve the style you want with the coat your dog has. Magic can happen!.


Dogs require special attention

Every dog has a different personality and different requirements. Some dogs do best in a low energy environment and that is why we suggest scheduling those dogs on our slower days. Some dogs are dog aggressive and need to be done when there are no other dogs in the salon. There are many different scenarios and that is where our expertise comes in. If you have a senior dog, an overweight dog, a dog with medical conditions, or just need extra special attention let the groomer know and we will make the right appointment for you and your dog.


When you come to pick up your dog, please do an overall check of your dog and let us know if you want anything trimmed down more or something doesn't look right. We want to make sure you are happy with our service. We will always make any edits you request and would like to fix them before your leave our salon. Just in case you spot something after you've gone home, you can call us and let us know so we can fix it. If it's been more than 24 hrs depending on what you want trimmed or clipped we may have to charge you a re-bathing fee. We will definitely let you know if that is the case beforehand. Your satisfaction is our priority let's work together to achieve that.


We have a special place in our hearts for senior dogs and dogs with disabilities. These dogs require extra special care and it makes our bond to them that much stronger. It is such a beautiful blessing to be chosen to pamper a dog who has reached their golden years. It is our time to give to them what they have given their family all this time. Years of loyalty and dedication earns the utmost care. We take great pride in being able to provide this. We always make sure we have at least two people working on the dog to ensure their comfort and well-being. Taking our time and going at their pace is extremely important. This is not meant to be rushed or hurried through. It is a process that is done with kindness, compassion, and love. Dogs with disabilities also tug at our heart strings for the same reason as seniors: needing extra care makes our bond with them stronger. Being able to block out time in our day where there in no other dog in the salon while we work with a senior or disabled dog makes it stress-free and enjoyable. Knowing that they have all of our attention and we are in no hurry makes the dog comfortable and relaxed. They can feel the energy we give off and the shop. We want to make sure they look forward to coming back for every visit they can.